Online Shopping

In addition to her Dolls, Zenobia Washington has also created a number of items which are available for purchase online.

We invite you to browse the selections below. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, feel free to Contact Zenobia for further information.

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Ambassador Dolls

With open arms, the Ambassador Dolls welcome you to learn about the Gullah people and their culture. Dolls come in assorted colors. Approximately 13 inches tall. Wire, fabric
$45.00 each, plus $10.00 S&H.

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Fancy Dress Note Cards

These Fancy Dress Note Cards were created to emulate a woman’s Sunday best. Cards come in assorted colors/w envelope.
$5.00 each, plus $2.00 S&H.


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The Artistry of Zenobia Washington
Georgetown, South Carolina