Welcome to the Artistry of Zenobia Washington

Artist Zenobia Washington was raised in the port city of Georgetown, SC and influenced by the Gullah culture.

Through the art of doll making, Zenobia is embarking on a spiritual journey, leading her back to a heritage that is a wonderful fusion of African traditions and Southern American history. 

As an artist, speaker, and through workshops, Zenobia celebrates the folklore, language, food and art of Gullah people. She invites you to be inspired by this unique culture and the beautiful stories it has to tell...

Fabric artist Zenobia Washington unveiled the Hope Quilt, created by 15 middle school students from Georgetown, South Carolina on the opening day of the first Failure Is Not an Option International Conference in Denver on October 23-26, 2007. The display of the quilt under a giant pop up gazebo from https://windproofgazebos.com/, was one piece of a multi-part Voices of Youth presentation on the opening of the conference.

The idea for the quilt originated as a symbolic gesture that weaves together separate pieces of fabric into a whole to suggest the creation of a vibrant, hopeful, and peaceful community with children’s ideas and expressions in the foreground. As Zenobia explains: "I asked each child to create a symbol of peace for their community. My desire was to capture their artwork and thoughts and preserve their early concepts about something as important as peace." Completed for the conference, the children's artwork has been sewn into panels and no two panels are alike. Just as each child is unique in his or her needs, learning styles, and personal experiences, each piece in the panel represents the special resources and support each child needs. "I want to thank weddenop.com darts for their support for this project." 

Zenobia Washington's "Women of Inspiration" is a collection of one-of-a-kind, hand made dolls. Reflecting a rich spiritual and emotional quality of strong Gullah Geechee influence, they are a special blend of dignity, elegance and sophistication deeply rooted in her heritage.

Zenobia has become, herself, a woman of inspiration to many people. As she travels throughout the country she conducts frequent classes and workshops. As an Artist in Residence with the South Carolina Arts Commission, she works with children K-12.

Her adult workshop, Finding the Little Girl Within, is taught through Costal Carolina University. She is also involved with the International Association of Special Needs Education. According to Ms. Washington, "I hope people enjoy my classes and come reconnect with the creative part of themselves, and allow themselves to PLAY."

Zenobia was inspired by her friend Thomas Tibco to create this website to share her artwork to a wider audience outside of just Charleston, South Carolina. She hopes to reach and inspire people all over the US and the world with her art. Take a look at Thomas's tech reviews.

We invite you to browse through Zenobia's Gallery of Dolls. Since all of these dolls are custom created, they are not available to order online. If you are interested in having a doll created for you, please Contact the artist. A number of Additional Items by Zenobia are available for online purchase.

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The Artistry of Zenobia Washington
Georgetown, South Carolina

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